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Monday, January 09, 2012

a friend made the comment that "true creatives in a world of 'creatives' are rare." 
I tend to think that that statement is true.
there are a few people that I've had the privilege to meet that I recognized that what I saw that they produced,
genuinely resonated from a personal God-given creative place from within.
I think a person can fake it pretty well online or on heresay...
forming your creative opinion of them before you even meet.
but to meet a true creative person in real life?  you can't hide it.  it's who you are.  
and those "true creatives" that I have the privilege to meet absolutely. fascinate. me.
enter this girl.  she's the real deal. :)
she's modern, athletic, fashion-savvy, super smart...and wicked creative.
when she first inquired about a session with me, I have to admit I got a little happy nervous.
partially because I knew she was genuinely cool and partially because she's a photographer as well.
every. time. I photograph another photographer there's an added sense of pressure.
because other photographers frame life the same way you do...know gear the same way you do.
check out your creativity the same way you do.
it's not a bad thing...
just an added sense of pressure knowing you want to "photograph them the way you would want to be photographed."
self-inflicted pressure...but pressure none-the-less. :)
but I'm so thankful to have gotten to photograph these two.
thankful to have gotten to know them better from behind my camera...
AND thankful to be able to grab a dc/coffee with a new creative friend who also happens frame life the way I do. :)


Cali McCullough said...

I definitely just shed a little tear. Jen, you are so talented, and I feel like I'm not even a tiny bit worthy of your generous words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You inspire me in ways I can't fully explain, and I look forward to sharing many diet coke and ice tea dates in the future. xoxo

janet said...

Beautiful photo shoot! Now direct your message to yourself dear creative daughter...and sometime let another creative person do a photo shoot of you & your family with their own ideas of showcasing your family's uniqueness...this mama is hoping for you to experience the joy you give to others!

Anonymous said...

That's my daughter and son-in-law! Wow, lucky she looks like her mother

Cali McCullough said...

I can't help but agree with your mother, Jen. I know I'm not nearly as talented, and the creative pressure might be unbearable, but I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to photograph your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

That's my handsome son and beautiful daughter-in-law! I wish I could say he looks like me, but he definitely looks like his father. What gorgeous pictures!

stephanie moors said...

these are fantastically beautiful. i am SO moved. cali, you are stunning.

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