[day|mason] wedding: a weekend to remember - colorado springs, colorado

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

second shooting a wedding is a strange, wonderful thing.

the anticipation, the first looks, the beautiful ceremony, the toasts, the tears...
they're all still there.

but that weight?
that weight of the gravity of knowing you're shooting someones
only memories of one of the single most important days of their life is somehow lifted a little bit.
not that it's gone entirely, but the knots in your stomach seem just a smidge less
and it allowed me the freedom I felt to look up and see the sway of the tree's as the wind blew through them,
the freedom to see the in between glances between two loves,
it was like a breath of fresh air. :)

so for me, THIS wedding?
this wedding that I got to capture with my uber-talented sister elizabeth of elizabeth ann photography,
was simply carefree fun.
getting to share something I absolutely love doing with one of my favorite people in the world
in one seriously amazing location with some gorgeous fun loving people?
yeah, I'd say it was a weekend to remember. :)

to see more of this wedding click here


elizabeth said...

Did I mention that I love working with you! You are so talented and love the unique way of seeing things that you bring to the table. Beautiful post!

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