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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am one of those moms today.
the kind that is found in a creepy corner clutching a baby blanket blubbering over her little boy.
the kind of mom who is overwhelmed with her little boys memories of slobbery kisses, special rocks, favorite toy trucks, special blankies, pretending to be dash from the incredibles, having a love affair with lightning mcqueen,
and not being too big for snugglefests...

the kind of mom who realizes that their little boy that is no longer a little boy.

even though my little boy promised.
he promised he would stay little but then he simply couldn't.
and he didn't.  and somehow he grew into this giant stinky, goofy, sticky wonderful little man.

so this is me today.
me shedding a tear over my beautiful little ten year old of a man on his wonderful golden birthday.
I love him.
and I will love him forever.
and he will forever be the boy who brings me joy. :)


elizabeth said...

sniff sniff...makes me tear up too! Love him and what a BEAUTIFUL post about Micah

janet said...

Snuffing & sniveling myself now! No matter how big your boy gets...even all the way up to 6'5"...he will always bring you joy!

Anonymous said...

This is sweet! Helps me remember to cherish these days while I have them b/c I will FOR SURE be THAT mom too! Thanks JEN!--H Villone

Kate Palacios said...

Oh my goodness...he has grown up so fast. He is the boy that made me want a boy. I'll never forget the moments you and I just sat and stared at him in my old basement back in Elgin when he was just a baby. And I'll try not to help him blow his candles out on his birthday like I did on his 8th. Sheesh.

Rachel Olimb said...

Thanks for making me teary. Jen, that first picture is the most precious thing I've ever seen. What a beautiful memory, and what a beautiful boy.

Kathe said...

You make me cry! I LOVE the slobbery picture of him...I love all of them...but that one melts the heart! Sweet boy with sweet parents! :D

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