just because.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"happy girls are the prettiest girls."
                                                                         audrey hepburn

one of the benefits of having a boy AND a girl is getting to love on each of them in a unique and different way.
this week it was the girls turn for a "just because" tea party.

on the agenda?
dress up with make-up and glitter hair spray,
pink lemonade "tea" with grandma's very adorable & very pinteresting owl cupcakes,
princess crown shortcake and "acorns",
pink paper owl craft,
a fashion show set to "the hamster dance song" and "firework" ala ms. perry,
and because it's maddie...be done with the girly stuff, get your play clothes on and play out side with the boy...which ended up being super cool cause we found a hummingbird egg!

a super fun afternoon...just because. :)

pieces of sunshine - colorado springs, colorado

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this is my little sister and her beautiful family.
and she is so much more than just my little sister.
she is an amazing wife.  a most beautiful mommy.  an unbelievably creative entrepreneur.

but to me?
she is my beautiful little sister who happens to be my closest friend.

the kind of friend who makes you laugh until your lungs feel like they're going to pop.
and most of the time she doesn't even mean to be that funny...she just is.
you can see it in her eyes when you surprise her with your laughter...they start to sparkle and then she just runs with her hilarity.
yes, that friend.

she is the kind of friend who eyes fill up with tears when you share hard things but then somehow finds a way to make you feel like it just isn't that hard of a thing anymore and that you can conquer the world...

she is the kind of friend that if you've found that you're cornered, she's the first to jump in swinging.
and only after the last foe is found lying in her wake will she even begin to think of asking what she was defending you from.

there is a poem that I love and it reminds me of her as I watch her live her life:

"...she left pieces of her life everywhere she went...
              it was easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said."

but the secret is that she is sunshine.
not only to me...but to most who encounter her.
and that is what she does...she leaves little pieces of her sunshine on whatever path God gives her.

waterfalls and butterfly's. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

do you ever have difficulty finding the swing of things?
kind-of like a pendulum that's swinging hard unable to find the center.

today that's me...and I know what the reason is...
I come home and want to conquer the world in a day.

but there are too many things pulling at me...
and I simply have too many thoughts...
gravity and turn to stone keep hovering on my playlist.

but then I remember the wind and the moment and smile.
there's an echo playing on my stereo...

"...I turn the music up...

"...I got my records on.

"...as we saw, oh, this light...

"...I swear you emerge blinking to tell me it's alright...

"...as we soar walls..."
ahhhh, arizona sunsets... :)

"...every siren is a symphony and every tear's a waterfall..."
and promises. :)

she'd laugh at me today.
and tell me to get a grip.

plus, there are presents from Him to be found.
presents and butterfly's. :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

"not all those who wander are lost."

we're fairly arrogant in arizona about our sunrises and sunsets...and rightfully so.
but, and a big but at that...
colorado has got some serious breathtaking drama in theirs.

I've enjoyed my wandering here...and I feel tremendously blessed.
and I love my family here.  tremendously, in fact...
but home is calling...because home is where he and they are... :)

[prelude]: weitz

Friday, July 15, 2011