Tuesday, May 24, 2011

this family?
this family loves deeply, laughs easily,
and has an inner strength that I've come to admire very much.
not only do they have two beautiful, busy little girls...but they have a son as well...
a beautiful son who happens to have CMV.
what's CMV?  she explains it on her blog:

Seth was officially diagnosed with congenital human cytomegalovirus. Congenital means "born with". cCMV. Our son had contracted a virus while still in the safety of the womb, a virus that had ravaged his small body...and we never even had a clue.

The list of "abnormal" was long. Seth had breathing issues, low platelets, enlarged liver & spleen, severe kidney reflux, two holes in his heart & extensive brain calcifications, as well as a small cerebrum & cerebellum and underdeveloped optic nerve in his left eye. His prognosis was mixed. One doctor said he may have some learning disabilities, one said he would never be anything close to "normal". He spent 11 days in the NICU and then we took him a world of fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, wonder. Google became our best friend as well as our biggest enemy. We couldnt understand it - here was this horrible virus that can wreak so much havoc on an unborn baby, and we had never even heard of it!? And what would this mean for our precious boy, what would his future hold? We wanted to believe cCMV would not define our son, that cCMV would not define his life. We still believe that.

Today, Seth is a joy. Each day is a gift, and we are so thankful for his presence in our lives. It's been a hard 20 months, and it has flown by. Seth has had multiple surgeries - two for the kidney reflux as well as placement of ear tubes. He has had a total of 11 urinary tract infections. He has been diagnosed with mixed cerebral palsy, optic nerve hypoplasia and cortical vision impairment. He is legally blind.


as always it's a pleasure getting to photograph these beautiful people
and to get to spend time with their beautiful kids!

also, if you'd like to help, check out melissa's blog for the best way to contribute!


Anonymous said...

beautiful family! as always...GREAT job capturing them!

elizabeth said...

BEAUTIFUL! This session gave me chills. What an amazing family and the pics...AWESOME!

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