Monday, May 09, 2011

this post if mostly for me...I want to remember and not forget.

maddie rubbing my arm gently until I woke up because she was SO excited for mother's day.
breakfast (fruity cherrios, orange juice and a diet coke) in bed.
snuggle time watching dvr'd extreme home of our favorites.

and one of my greatest treasures to date...a poem by my nine year old son...

my mother.
if she were an animal she would be a bear, because she hugs like one.
if she were a plant she would be a rose, because she is beautiful.
if she were a season she would be fall, because she is like a bright leaf.
if she were a time of day she would be sunset, because she is beautiful as a sunset.
if she were a word she would be awesome because she IS awesome.
if she were a musicle (musical) instrument she would be a piano because she sounds so sweet.
if she were an object she would be a heart because she loves me.
if she were a song she would be "fireflies" because she sparkles like a firefly.
if she were an emotion she would be happy because she is happy a lot.
love, micah.

they are the loves of my treasures. :)


janet said...

Melting heart & eyes...SO sweet....both of your kids! They must get it from their maternal grandmother....I wish. Very precious.

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