Wednesday, May 04, 2011

it's may.
I can feel it.
there are only a few who understand what that really feels like.

you see, may is uphill for me...uphill with an incredible reward that comes the second week of june.
until that reward is here, I have to cling to this verse...I seemed to forget it the last two days...

"do. not. grow weary in doing good.  because at the right time, you WILL enjoy the harvest."

He reminded me of that today... :)

but.  a happy, big BUT...
we got to escape this last weekend.
a weekend full of laughing, talking, new sites, new food and most importantly...
moments of clarity and rest.

and now, after a seriously long day...I'm going to choose to not be mentally weary,
and remember my presents of clarity and rest.
and let the rest just go... :)


Lindsey said...

"his power is made perfect in weakness." That is my chant for the month of may. Can't wait till June. Love you -your friend the kettle (or am I the pot? ;)

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