winning. :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

my husband seriously makes me, really. :)
this is what he said to me this weekend as he encouraged me...


yes, I know it's a charlie sheen reference.
and no, I don't make a habit of talking about charlie sheen, nor can I understand why
the "news" is so fascinated in talking about him...
BUT still, he said it.
and it was perfect for the moment...
and it made me smile.
big. :)

you see he was trying to encourage me in what I DO do well.
(yes, I just said do do and yup, I am super not cool for pointing that out.) :)

in my moments of insecurity I tend to only focus on the things I suck at
                                  which is good to do if you intend on getting better at them...
but typically I just look at them and wallow in them.  

he made me stop and tell him what I did do well at...
and in the end it leaned ever so slightly more towards the doing better side of life.
and then to further make his point and get me out of my funk, he said flippantly
"winning!" :)
and he was right.
I might fail.  a ton, in fact.
but I'm trying...trying to find excellence in the details and not just the broad picture.

excellence in shooting with more precision and creativity.
excellence in loving my family...really loving them.
excellence in having a soft heart.
excellence in prioritizing and not having to please everyone in every moment.

winning. :)


Anonymous said...

Jen - are these quotes your design? If so, they are GREAT!!

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