what if.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what do you get when you add up smarts, beauty, confidence and judge a smidge of geek chic?
this girl. :)
serious rock star in my book.  seriously.  :)
I'm quite certain that there are only a few who can rock a calculus book the way she does...
she doesn't even try to be stunning...she just is.

during her session we got to talking about a slogan from her percussion project this year... 

"what if we stop waiting for the world to change?
what if we did more than just make the grade?
what if we start believing that there is a way?
and what if we stop saving hope for another day?" 
Williams Field Percussion Project 2011

I like that...what if.
she's not the type to sit by and wait for things to happen.
and I cannot wait to see what she leaves in her wake. :)

"there are three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love...
                          and the greatest of these is love."



and love. :)

oh, she rocked the calculator. :)

these are only 16 of like 60 that she brought...I only wish I had more light to capture them all!


elizabeth said...

love the last shot! Beautiful series!

Bud Boyd said...

Gorgeous! :)

Kate the Great: said...

gorgeous girl!! and I love the idea of taking pictures of tshirts and making a poster out of them somehow....especially for a Mom who has 4 kids in several different sports!!

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