fresh air. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

this girl was like a breath of fresh air...
her unique sense of style combined with her softer spoken mannerisms
              fascinated me during her session.
and then when she played her gorgeous violin in the middle of this magical looking forest,
with soft low sunlight, my heart squeezed a little bit.
somehow the tones that resonate out of a violin always sound bittersweet to me...
a little bit sad but oh, so sweet and rich sounding as it floated through the air...
one of my most favorite instruments...and it only added to her uniquness.
definitely a pleasure to have gotten to meet this gorgeous lady. :)


elizabeth said...

beautiful...Love the one with her looking back. Beautiful crisp shots. :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! these are GREAT! how do you pick a favorite? I could not! everytime you post, I am amazed at how creative you get! :)

Kathe <3

Anonymous said...

From the Dad of this young lady in the phots:
OK, so I worked in the local wedding industry for several years. I'm tight with a few of the top wedding photographers here, who would have likely done this for next to nothing. But, I saw the photos Jen took of my niece, Myranda, and was blown away. I thought I would take a chance and give her a shot (no pun). I am sooooooo glad that we hired Jen. Jen, you are a truly gifted artist. I could not be happier. Words cannot describe what these photos mean to me. A thousand "thanks" to you!

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