find the time.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

find the time.
the time to read,
to smell the flowers,
to paint your dreams, 
to have coffee with a friend,
to learn a new craft,
to bake a surprise cake,
to go somewhere special,
to really be with person you love,
or even just do nothing for a while.
find the time.
the sun is shining...the wind is's about 80 degree's out.
like she said "it should be a crime to stay inside today."
so I turned off my phone.
opened all the windows.
I went and stared at my flowers.
and then baked the cookies for tonights staff pot luck (or pot providence...whichever you prefer.)
it's a good day. :)

ah, my roses are in bloom...
this one is is.  but it is its name, too :)

blue girl...

my and ice :)

and these random lily's that grew in my front rocks...strange but happy :)

and because it's spring...robin's nest cookies :)


janet said...

Funny you should post the rose photos...I went out today and feasted my eyes on ours...the ones you planted years ago...they are doing awesome too!
Cute cookies - glad I can't absorb carbs or calories just by looking...:)

Lindsey said...

I definitely prefer pot providence;) Beautiful pics and the cookies were seriously YUM. I wish I had the Stamm Fam green's a work in progress.

Kate the Great: said...

Those random lily's are my favorites...calalily's maybe?? Great post. You "stole" my idea. ;)

Mireille said...

Everybody loves flowers!!!

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