in an instant. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

he made me laugh.
hard. :)

in one instant, he could transform his facial expression and body language into someone you would see straight out of the pages of a magazine...which I loved getting to see because he keeps that look on the downlow.  much like his seriously talented guitar playing...I SO didn't know he played...and plays WELL! :)

and then in the next instant, he would transform his face into something so comedic you can't help but laugh out loud.  hard.   like blow milk out of your nose laugh out loud kind of laugh. :)
and I never knew when that moment was going to happen.
I would get into a groove of shooting and then...
comedic mayhem. :)

yes, this session was happy for me.
happy because he exudes happiness.
and not just happiness, but happiness that it truly grounded...he cares about being a man.
he would joke about the old spice guy if I said that to his face.  but it's true. :)
and he cares about it in such a jovial way that you can't help but smile along with him.
yup.  this was a happy session.  and an absolute pleasure. :)

I need you to vote!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm finishing up some logo's for my friend's soon to be floral company
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would you mind voting on which logo is your favorite and leaving some feedback for her?
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thanks SO much!

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surveys & polls

what if.

what do you get when you add up smarts, beauty, confidence and judge a smidge of geek chic?
this girl. :)
serious rock star in my book.  seriously.  :)
I'm quite certain that there are only a few who can rock a calculus book the way she does...
she doesn't even try to be stunning...she just is.

during her session we got to talking about a slogan from her percussion project this year... 

"what if we stop waiting for the world to change?
what if we did more than just make the grade?
what if we start believing that there is a way?
and what if we stop saving hope for another day?" 
Williams Field Percussion Project 2011

I like that...what if.
she's not the type to sit by and wait for things to happen.
and I cannot wait to see what she leaves in her wake. :)

"there are three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love...
                          and the greatest of these is love."



and love. :)

oh, she rocked the calculator. :)

these are only 16 of like 60 that she brought...I only wish I had more light to capture them all!

about a boy...

Monday, April 25, 2011

about a boy.
a beautifully loved and cherished boy.
who was welcomed to the world by the most visibly loving family I have had the pleasure to observe in a while.  sitcoms could be written about this boys family...
the laughter, the tears at seeing him for the first time, the teasing and love was beyond apparent. :)
he had his own mini-paparazzi observing his every first move...seriously precious. :)

and then to get to witness the love that his mom and dad have for each other was simply beautiful.
she won't remember much because of the medicine she was on
         after her long labor to bring him into the world,
but, oh how his dad looked at her with love...
and talked with pride to this little boy quietly while she slept.
it literally brought tears to my eyes...almost like I was watching a secret unfold.

they said thank you to me a million and four times...but honestly, I am so thankful to have gotten to witness the first few moments and week of this most beautifully loved and cherished boy. :)

and then, less than a week later I got to capture these... :)