Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I saw this and smiled.
smiled because my good friend just asked me if I was still alive.
flu?  be gone.
today I am choosing to come back to the land of the living...
at least until it's nap time again. :)

oh and p.s. my husband is amazing.  he has taken care of the kids, done maddie's hair, made me ice packs and vacuumed for the last five days.  I love him and he makes me smile. :)


elizabeth said...

What a cool guy! Feel better and love you!

Kate the Great: said...

I didn't know you were sick for so long!...aren't I the worst sister who hasn't checked up on you yet. Hope you get better!!

janet said...

Just got back from Albuquerque an hour ago - let me know what you still need now that I'm home. Yay for Matt taking such good care of you and the kids!

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