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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"a memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
                                       the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

I love that and am so thankful I got to see YOUR
kreatid challenge [memories] this week!

kyla, of one late night has been so incredible to award this weeks winner an adorable
polaroid land camera plush...something I SO covet and want!  so congratulations! :)

this week's "jen's favorite" goes to amy valentine joslin's heart hands!

"...this is a photo of me and my best friend jess, it was taken last year in august and was one of the last times i saw her before she moved to australia. every time i look at it it brings back really happy memories(:..."
I loved her use of the polaroid overlay and
the simplistic beauty or her memory with her it. :)

this week's third and second place was a tie!  craziness!
summer montoya's minnie mouse sunset...

"...memories. our favorite family vacation spot, san clemente. one of the last photos i shot last summer...remembering disney, the beach and amazing sunsets!..."
love that your little girl is going to have this photo for an amazing memory for the rest of her life!

AND heather hurzeler's two entries tied for third and second place this week!  congratulations! :)

"...Treasures from times past - My Great Grandmothers fancy hat,
big satin bows, tulle and luscious Mink's fur.... pure lady with a bit of sass!.."
seriously heather.  we need to bring fancy hats back.  seriously beautiful and original! :)

and heather's other entry...

"...Sometimes you just need to find the right key to unlock your memories..."
SO true and SO beautiful! :)

and the winner this week is none other than, emily johnston!
one of my favorite things about emily consistantly being in these challenges is the thought that she puts behind each of her photos...I get to see pieces of what makes her tick and I'm simply loving what she's about.  not only that, I love the LOVE she showers on everyone who participates...definitely an encouraging lady.  she makes me smile. :)

 "...[memories] through the years..."
 make me wonder what our "memories" will look like twenty years from now! :)

and her other entry...

"...[memories] my life...chapter one, i can't remember a day that she didn't love me;
chapter two, i still can't remember a day that he hasn't laughed with me;
chapter three, i can't imagine a day without them..."
I love everything about this collage...but the first thing I noticed that made me smile was her adorable french braids from her wedding photograph!  love it! :)

again, THANK YOU kyla for your super fun prize this week and THANK YOU everyone who participated!  I can't wait for next weeks challenge!  :)


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