winners of [kreatid challenge] and polar coordination :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am so happy today.
why am I so happy today?  you ask.
be-CAUSE the first ever [kreatid challenge] was a bigger success
than I ever dreamed it would be!  happiness!
the challenge DID just challenged me and I was genuinely inspired by all the entries!
(yes, I said ALL...there was MORE than just one, like I feared!) :)
woo!  (oh yeah, I SO just woo'd!)  :)
if you'd like to participate in next weeks challenge starting this friday - check back here for details!
again, THANK YOU for all who participated...this has been SO fun and I hope fun for you!  :)

honorable mention as my favorite goes to theresa this week.  by trade, she is a graphic designer/photographer...she never fails to inspire me and her use of reflection and color were just that..visually inspiring!  using her iphone, no less!  crazy talented! :)

here are the top three entries (based on likes/favorites/tweets/comments!)
*insert drumroll here*

in 3rd place (by one vote!) emily johnston

you all know I'm a total fan of shoes...can't have enough of them!  and LOVED her description of this photo " MY WORLD i am a tightrope walker. finding balance between Him, him & them. in MY WORLD i am a conductor. orchestrating my roles as daughter to The King, wife to my beloved and mother of our two boys. in MY WORLD i am me. comfortable and smudged, graceful and polished..."
love it. :)

in 2nd place...elizabeth weitz
 her description ", my world, contains a little bit of a lot. Everyday, photography, babies, my man, cherry coke zero, the bible, gardening, coffee...pieces of me and my world. :)..."
love that, little bit of a lot.

and the WINNER with a solid 30 votes this week is none other than lindsey stamm!
her words "...Josh and Lindsey - pretty much "our world" right now:) Does that sound selfish?..."
no, lindsey.  not selfish.  true and b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.l.y. captured!

again, congratulations all of you - this was incredibly fun!
I'll be posting next weeks challenge this friday!

p.s.  some of you asked how I created (kreatid) ;) my entry for this week...

1. stand in one spot and take appx. 12 photographs in a circle.
(pretend you're a clock and take one photo for each hour.) :)
2. load all the pictures into photoshop. (I use CS5.)
3. click >file >automate >photomerge make sure blend images together is checked.  click >add open files.
4. crop image to trim negative space...make sure you leave the image super long horizontally and not too tall vertically.  flatten image.
5. click >ctrl >shift >I together to resize image.  copy the width length and paste into the height length. (the image will look hyper-stretched want this.) :)
6. click >filter >polar coordination...make sure you click from rectangle to polar coordinate.
7. use the clone tool to fix any small overlaps.

that's it!  I'd love to see what you come up with!  :)


janet said...

Fun contest! Congrats to the winner, and all the different takes on the subject...very fun to be a part of the photography world for a little bit!

PIXbyemily said...

jen. JEN. j.3.n. this was a blast! i love that you are challenging others to be creative. God has used a camera in my hand to reveal much to me over the years and i appreciate that you are encouraging some to take their first pic and pushing others to go beyond what they already see. simply put, you inspire and i'm thankful to be a part of YOUR world.

Lindsey said...

Great stuff on here:) Can't wait to see everyone's creativity next time around!

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