brothers and sisters :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

this fun session made me think of my own brother and two sisters...
there's nothing quite like them, really.
it's especially interesting when you look at birth order traits...

First Middle Third Fourth
Natural Leader Flexible Risk-taker Close to parents
High Achiever Easy-going Outgoing Self-control
Organized Social Creative Leader
it's not an exact science...but it's fairly close. :)
you should see us when our whole family hangs's quite amusing, really...
talking over each other - fighting for being heard,
    quippy little witty quips,
        punches on the arm when it's gone too far :)
            deep - minute long mini-conversations...
                and at the end of it?
an underlying happiness at being friends as adults.  :)
I love it...and I love them.  tremendously.

yes, I got to hang with this family for an afternoon, and the similarities were very amusing...
         except with a lot more testosterone (poor erica) :)

thank you so much chris, erica, david + bradley!  your session made me smile! :)


elizabeth said...

beautiful light...and Im so jealous of that truck how cool! What a beautiful family!

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