Thursday, January 27, 2011

passion wears many faces.
  for some it's in what they DO...
    for others it's in what they SEE...
       and for some still, it's deep inside their SOUL...
yes, this [kreatid challenge] was super fun to take a peek into each of YOUR lives and see what drives you...what makes you tick...and it was an honor.  :)

the winner of this challenge is awarded a $50 gift certificate to the ever inspiring Oh Snap Boutique!
I simply love her slogan
"come inspired...let your photo's shine!"
simply PERFECT for what she designs and creates in her shop!  her eye for detail is apparent in each one of her creations...showing obvious passion for what she does!  definitely a place to hit up more than once!  THANK YOU kasia for your generous prize...only spreading more inspiration and passion!
I simply love your generous heart! :)

*side note* voting this weekend was T.O.U.G.H. and the winners that won this week got their advantages by adding extra votes by tweeting (ex. check out my entry (s) in this weeks [kreatid challenge] @jendriesbach is hosting here...), by posting in the [kreatid challenge] flickr group, and by posting on the kreatid facebook wall.  I'm SO not saying that you HAVE to do any of this to participate...I'm only explaining how the winners were chosen!  I personally am always wondering how the winners win in other challenges that I participate in, and I don't necessarily ever get an answer for those - which is fine because I mostly like just participating anyways!  but for those of you who not only like these challenges, but are competitive too (SO, not pointing fingers) :) there you get a vote for each of the things I listed above for EACH entry (up to three), plus each comment/like/favorite! 

now that that is out of the way...on to the winners of this weeks [kreatid challenge] passion...

picking a favorite was SUPER hard for me this week!  I simply LOVED summer montoya's "sing to the Lord" passion...and I thought pam beeson's "poloroid/boots" was fantastic!  but since I'm only picking one, I really loved the color palette's in heather hurzeler's "paint" wasn't stylized at all and it simply was a great beautiful photograph!

heather's words "...a passion for creativity... inspire, create, get messy! I have a passion for painting.
I am thankful for our God the creator of Creativity! ;)..."  love it and thank you for participating! :)

and now on to the winners!
third place to two beautiful entries goes to theresa hodge!
"...The passion to shoot.  I like to take photos. Can you tell?

One of my passions is photography. I love challenging myself to find the beauty in everything. Some of my favorite things to take photos of are typically things that others find ugly like urban decay and peeling paint.

This photo was taken with my iPhone while standing on the beach and looking out at the Mediterranean Sea. The light you see in the distance is a ship."

and her second entry...

"...Swoosh Passion
One of my passions since I was 8 years old has been skiing. On Saturday I got the opportunity to ski in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains. This photo was taken with my iPhone. You can almost see the Mediterranean Sea in the distance..."
love it.  swoosh passion.
someday I want to learn how to swoosh.  I think I would be passionate about it. ;)

and in a narrow second place is emily johnston's two entries...
what's even cooler is that she was featured on another collegues blog - the woman who creates
the vintage tin tiles...SUPER cool!  :)

" passion. i've wrestled with this for 3 days and concluded that technically people are my passion, but it is much more than that. encouraging people, that is my passion..."
love it.  and we all know I LOVE the Ebonics of words...beautifully done. :)

and her second entry...

"...passion: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction TO ALWAYS FIND THE LIGHT & GOOD IN EVERY SITUATION..."
someone commented "who doesn't LOVE light through a tree?!"  and I would have to agree! :)

and finally our winner of this weeks challenge and the $50 gift certificate to Oh Snap! Boutique...
elizabeth weitz!

", moves me. I love it!..."
LOVED the beautiful minimalism of this shot and the post processing was most definitely inspiring...well done, yess! :)

again, THANK YOU all for participating...and I look forward to seeing what you capture this next challenge!
p.s. SUPER excited about this next weeks giveaway...I'll give you a hint...think retro...too cute! :)


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