a lot. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

this boy makes me smile.  a lot.  :)
when I first greet him, it's the same every time...
   he lays back a bit and just kinda absorbs you a bit with his giant chocolate eyes.
      slowly his eyes start to krinkle.
         he might point at something and try to say the word next.
            and then?  then you're in.  in like flynn.  :)  and if you come bearing a car you're golden. :)
he loves to play, run, jump, throw, dance...you name it and he's on the go!
the only time you'll see him kinda sad is when it's time to go...
        you can almost hear his thoughts... "what?  they're not coming with?!"
yes, he makes me smile.  a lot.
and it's incredibly special for me to see him grow from this to not quite so little anymore!  :)

and his parents?  I love them a lot.  tremendously in fact.  and I'm SO excited for their new SON to arrive in the new year and to see how God uses them this next year!
thanks again, ricc and holly!  :)

and last but not least, my favorite...you can't help but look at him and smile.  a lot. :)


Lindsey said...

MUFFIN!!! Oh he is cute:) Great job on the pics Jen. Can't wait to see you take pics of the newest baby Stewart:)

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