my town. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

this mornings activities needs to be soundtracked with this song.
not that I live in the boondocks...or even in the south. :)
but this is my town....and this place has slowly become my boondocks.
and I love it.  :)
it's gilbert days around here and that means all the people that love, live, work & play
in gilbert come out to celebrate gilbert's 90th birthday...seriously cool. :)
this morning on the roof of the best restaurant in town...
I got to see a 70ish year old sassy baton twirler, a grown man riding a miniature bike advertising yoga, about 50 horses, 100 dogs, a couple goats, grown men riding go-carts, saluteable young men and women representing this great country we live in, tanks, princess carriages, dancers, marching bands, football teams, sheriff joe, the rodeo royalty, the new mayor of gilbert...
and all within about two hours time.
yes, it was a great morning...and I love this town.  :)


Kate the Great: said...

I so wished we could have gone!! I was even going to see if you'd send me pictures on my phone...but these are awesome.

Wendy said...

YEAH!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray for life filled with local fun :)

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