beautiful, colorful family :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

I loved getting to hang out with this beautiful family!
this crazy, high energy, beautiful, colorful family!
n & d are foster parents...amazing foster parents.
(thus the need for the yellow balloons - although these kids are too adorable under them!)
they are patient...creative...disciplined...out of control amazing parents to these two adorable kids.
I genuinely admire both of them very much and thoroughly enjoyed getting to hang with them for the morning!

super funny with the "grumpy" glasses...and super clever! :)


elizabeth said...

So fun! :) Looks like a really cool family! Loved the shot of the girl with the bokeh...beautiful, colors! :)

Krista McDaniel said...

I love them and love how you used balloons. This is a family I dearly love and these pictures are very special.

Kate the Great: said...

I like how the guy looks like he's floating up in the sky...let's do that with my boys sometime!

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