weird...but in a good way. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

there's a funny thing with digital art.
most of your time is spent looking at it on a digital screen.
you're not touching it.
you're not feeling texture.
you're not seeing actual rgb printed color.
so it's SUPER amazing when you final get prints back and get to see what it looks like in your hands and not just on your monitor.  it makes just a little bit more real...
I'm a very "hands-on" person, so yes it makes it REAL to touch it. :)

this year, I got to design the staff appreciation t-shirts.
something I was super excited to do because I simply LOVE our staff...they're family to me. :)
but, with the love for them comes the thoughts:

"what if the design sucks?  what if I think it's cool and it's just not?  what if it prints funky?!"

stupid thoughts, I's just a t-shirt...but they're those spazzy thoughts are there none-the-less. :)

and it's weird, but in a good kind of a way to see people walking around with your design on the t-shirt they chose to wear for the day...
yeah.  just weird.
but in a good kind of a way. :)

here's what I'd been staring at for a couple months...

so needless to say I was SUPER excited to see the real deal and get to touch and yes, even wear!
I know...I'm a spaz.  but hopefully in a good kind of a way? ;)


elizabeth said...

Those are awesome! Love the design!

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