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Friday, July 16, 2010

these last three day's have been AH-mazing!
amazing photoshoot.
heidi's bakery.
town house books.
jogging at night w/ lightning in the distance.
the giant chair upstairs.
water balloons.
hand floating out the car window. :) :)

here's my "on vacation so far" favorites and not-so-muches for this friday!

I simply love this flower...or rather, it's a weed out here...but queen anne's lace is the name of it...maddie simply loves it and I had to stop on the side of the road as the sun was setting...just beautiful. :)

arcedium coffee house downtown st. charles...oddly enough I ran into an old piano student of mine who has grown up and chatted with her for awhile at this coffeehouse.  I love coffeehouses (even though I do not drink the dirty water) and the vibe that they have...great place to edit and get things done :)

spider webs.  I DO NOT like spiders, but I DO like the web's they reminds me of being a little girl and reading charlotte's web...they're just pretty. :)

polaroids.  obviously I like site's logo is built around them! :)  but now I HAVE one and will be shooting randomly with it...mine is kinda cool cause' it comes in a case with an additional f112 lens attachment...definitly gonna be some fun :)

and now for the "not-so-muches" :)

yes.  these ugly creatures were under the railing on the deck.

that's it for this week!  have an amazing weekend! :)


elizabeth said...

Love queen anns lace! Brings back memories. Did it have the red flower in the center. Cool pics

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