playing house :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

almost every little girl (including me!) loved to play "house" growing up.
I have no idea what my sister and I were thinking as kids,
but we would go over to vanessa bridges house across the street to set up our "house".
we'd drag out old sheets and clothespin them to the branches of her backyard pine tree's that created a little cove for us to build our "house".  we'd "borrow" flowers from neighbors to decorate around our house.  we even swept the floor and laid down a "rug" (okay, so it was a towel) to make it cozier!
but we'd play over there for hours, just imagining what our real house would look like someday!

I used to think that magazines like these were THE end all.  And, if your house did not look like the ones in these magazine, then you fail.  :)

but I'm getting a little more comfortable with my own style.  kinda minimal, kinda modern, totally comfortable and just a smidge eclectic... and I've found a place that I simply LOVE!

it is a most magnificent place online that I might just be getting a smidge too obsessed over...
house wares...vintage decor...giant graphic design sticker wall clothes...unique one of a kind presents...vintage shoes...even techy stuff like web design, printables + custom fonts!

yeah, etsy has my number. :)

but I love that REAL people are either creating or refurbishing old of a kind stuff!

1.  custom blog design by paper me pretty 
2.  vintage fan by KMDCreations
3.  cupcake pin cushion by made in lowell
4.  custom, original baby onesies by evy love creations (friend of mine who is SO creative!)
5.  pea pod long necklace by art of silver
6.  the dress that my daughter wore at my brother's wedding by beane and co.
7.  vintage desk that I SO want in maddie's room by poppy cottage studio's
8.  seriously cool shoe clips (jazz up a plain pair of black wedges!) by Chloe and Maddie
9.  refurbished vintage cedar planters by andrews reclaimed
10.  vintage white + green chandelier by vintage chic furniture
11.  and my favorite store lately...wall art by simple shapes


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the encouragement friend!!

Love this post:) I need to check out etsy for sure! I love old furniture made cute again!

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