hitting the pause button...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

JEN.  seriously.  WHAT are you doing?!


I am simply hitting the pause button on "life" to work on "jen" things.

I've felt for simply TOO long that I'm on a hamster wheel attempting to join the rat race.  that is SO not who I want to be.  not that I don't love this.  but feeling like you're doing things half-way is not my style and creatively draining.

so in answer to the question "what are you doing?"  I am catching up.  taking my time with edits.  reconstructing the blog (thanks to a really cool designer!).  updating the website (almost there!).  finishing painting my house (yes, I'll post before/afters).  playing with my kids.  going to summer camp.  working out.  playing by the pool and getting a tan.  dreaming.  and, oh yeah...prepping blog posts for when I come back on  *hopefully* june 14th (depending on if the new blog is ready by then).

however, thank you for asking what's up, all of you who did.  makes a girl feel loved. :)


elizabeth said...

Its good to catch up and get organized. I can't wait to see the new blog! Just know your blogging is missed.

Kate the Great: said...

Good for you. Wondered what you've been up to....looking forward to seeing your new blog...and you were supposed to tell me when to help you paint!!

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