super saturday = fun friday?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

not gonna' lie...last night was a bad night.
I'm not one for wallowing though, and after is a new day.
ms. o'hara had it right. :)

it's been a long, hard and good couple of weeks.  and it's going to be a long couple a months coming up...summer camp season has begun around our house.  yay! :)

so for this "fun friday" it's going to be "super saturday"!
yes, today is saturday.  and I am enjoying today. 

so today's favorites!
*the song "one step at a time" by Jordin Sparks.  now before you go judging me about the music I listen to and make fun of me...listen to it.  it's good stuff.  and I like American Idol...not gonna' it every freaking week...and I'm not ashamed.  there I said it. :)
plus, really listen to it..."hurry up...and wait....take one step at a time...there's no need to rush..." good stuff. :)  plus PLUS...did you see her AH-mazing green heels...yeah, I covet.  a lot. :)
*the iheartfaces community's just encouraging!  the women who founded it amy + angie and super encouraging women who have created a super cool network for beginner + professional photographers to talk to one another and check each other's work out...rare in this ever competitive profession
*underarmour capri sweatpants...they're just awesome.  and are my new favorites because they're awesome.  did I mention that they are awesome?! :)  and yes, that is me as the model on the link to my favorite sweats...and yes, my stomach really IS that flat ;)
*my flowers.  I just love them.  and someday my whole yard will be full of them...I took these today and had a little fun editing them...because they make me happy to look at them :)  geranium's will forever remind me of my mother...and I love her.  and roses are simply my absolute favorites...this "snow queen" is the first bloom of the season for me...roses always make me think of the crowder song "...and what was said to the rose to make it unfold, was said to me here in my be quiet now and quiet now...and rest..."  always a good reminder for me. :)

*my husband.  he is my greatest encourager.  my bestest friend.  and simply the love of my life.  even as I write that, I get tears in my eyes because of how amazing he is at truly loving me.  I am SO undeserving and SO loved!

and the "not so muches"...just one this week...
*getting dumped on.  I realize I am relatively new to this field of photography.  so maybe it stings more when what you do and what you pour your heart into is trampled just stings.  nuf' said, words are simply words...and I know this. is a new day. :)

hope you all have an amazing weekend!  :)


elizabeth said...

WOW and holy WOW love your photos...and seriously, love the weekly friday or Saturday in this case awesome list and not so much...and whoever it was that didn't fall on their face over your photography...obviously, has no taste...because you huge ways.

janet said...

Please make my Mothers' Day/Birthday gift a print of the geraniums?!?! Maybe Betz would send me her lilac stem as well...I think I want to redo my bedroom with flower photos...catch is, they have to be photographed by someone I know, or they have to be in someone's garden that I know...:) That's my happy comment.
My harsh comment: if anyone has hurt you/critized you unfairly...well I hope they get it back in spades...I'm trying to turn the other cheek, but my neck is stiff...just won't turn.

kiersten said...

I know several Sicilians...and I have a pizza oven. Just say the word.

Erin said...

gosh, my neck won't turn either. what is WRONG with people?!

you are one incredibly talented, creative, hilarious, loving, and giving person. whoever trampled on you must have some jealousy in their heart. :( i'm sorry.

Kate the Great: said...

You've only got one big sister....and that means whoever is trampling you will have me to deal with too! If you ever need a "pretend manager" to divert the negative wierdos just say the word. I love your work and I brag about you all the time!! I hope your weekend gives you a chance to revive.

Krista McDaniel said...

One step at a time has been played on my itunes nearly 85 times! i love it and it is so true :) I love you Jen and your always welcome to escape and relax in flag with me!!!

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