Friday, March 05, 2010

I always have so many favorite things...so here's to trying to harness my spazzy mind!


1. chicken marsala by macaroni grill that you CAN MAKE AT HOME!  okay...so this place is one of my favorite places for matt to take me on a "fancy" date (well, as fancy as matt + I typically get on a regular date night) because I L.O.V.E. the chicken marsala...it makes me feel like a grown up and it tastes AH-mazing!  but as I was walking through the grocery store aisle, what did I see on the top shelf by the mac n' cheese?!  chicken marsala!  at first I was doubtful that it wouldn't taste as good...most things in a box don't.  but I was pleasantly surprised with the awesomeness of this little box!  plus, I added mushrooms (something the pioneer woman and I have in common - might be the only thing, but it's still something in common!) and it turned out perfect!
2. grooveshark.com . I know, most people just load up their ipods...but I'm lazy.  and this site allows me to be lazy and listen to every single one of my favorite songs at work for FREE.  seriously, any song.  not matter how new or old...I haven't searched for one song and it not be there...cool site!
3. music.  music will always inspire me.  it's part of who I am and always will be...so speaking of grooveshark...here's a few of my favorites in my playlist right now:
ordinary day by emilie mover thanks to nicole! :) (who has a cool blog that I like to read with her awesome music here)
hey soul sister by train
viva la vida by coldplay
do you remember by jay sean seriously makes me want to get and dance.  every time.  seriously. :)
butterfly nets by bishop allen
divine romance by phil wickham I actually like it better when ben sings and plays it live...but it's still encouraging to listen to :)

this week not-so-muches (yes, mu-chez)
1. feeling like poop.  I have this dumb bronchial thing that only christine understands..and I'm tired of steriods (different kinds for over a month and a half!) and inhalers and junk...so I'm going to listen to my friend lisa's advice and buy some oil of oregano.  so if I start to smell when you hug me...please have pity on me and hold your breath until I get better...somethings gotta give, right?! :)
2. not measuring the first time.  I had to print the prints that are in my house right now twice, because I am a dumb dumb and did not follow the old advice "measure twice, cut once."  matt had to bail me out and help me measure it right...and it's pretty cool now...but not so fun in the process! :)
3. really expensive plane tickets.  I want to see my sister and have her be with me next week.  boo.  nuf said.

that's it for this week!  have an AMAZING weekend! :)


elizabeth said...

Chicken marsala in a box...really? It really tasted good...hmm, I need to get on that train. I'm enjoying the friday posts...Next on my list...check out that music. Love you and love hearing about your fridays...feel better soon.

Lindsey said...

haha - I love mac grill! (thats what cool people like me call it) I shall have to try this:) Also, love that train song...

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