Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I've been stumped with a question these last few weeks.
and not a fun one.

what do you do when lacking creativity?

for most this is not that important of a question.  but for me, it's h.u.g.e.
and I hesitate even throwing it out there, because it's expected by most that you shouldn't have a lull.  that you should be constantly inspired.  that you should constantly be seeing in color.  that thought is exhausting, truthfully.

creativity is a present, I'm learning.  it's having the ability to see + then paint with colors.  it's seeing a sunset and being inspired.  it's reading a diy blog and thinking you can roll up your sleeves and make it too.  it's seeing through a lens...really s.e.e.i.n.g.

and it's so easy to get wrapped up in following other peoples work in trying to re-create someone elses passion, that you kinda lose
your own voice.
your own style.
your own passion.
your own creativity.

and for the first time this week I saw light at the end of the tunnel of lull, I realized there is a discipline in finding your own creativity.  in making yourself s.t.o.p. the fast forward button of life and to allow your soul to genuinely be refreshed so that you SEE the colors, so that you HEAR the noises of day and you FEEL the textures of life.

I believe and love and get to live a life serving a most colorful, creative God.  and it's very easy for me to side step l.o.o.k.i.n.g and seeking Him in day to day life and to simply settle for someone else's version of color for the day.  but for me, settling is something I don't want to participate in for very long.  I want to be pushed to "paint" with bolder colors.  He is the giver of my colors...and the giver of my happiness.  and I k.n.o.w. he enjoys my happiness, in this present He has given me..I think I need to pause more and check out the creator of creativity a little more's good for my soul.


elizabeth said...

WOW goose are so talented creating a story with words...a good reminder for me to stop and remember who created all the beautiful colors I see everyday...and no I don't think less of a talented photographer having a moment...of huh. ;p Love you and can't wait to see what you create next.

Kate the Great: said... should make a book of daily devotions. You have a lot of wisdom tucked away in your smart little brain! Are you sure I'm your big sister? Hello, you are making whoopie pies and easter I kind of think you are not having a creative lull! You always inspire me!

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