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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

can I just say for the record that I L.O.V.E. my job?!  I would never have met these amazing, super cool people if it were not for photography.  and I am so thankful for it!

marissa + michael are down-to-earth, appreciative of art and incredible parents.  spending the morning with these two still makes me smile + I am genuinely glad that I've met them.  and the product of their coolness is evident in their sweet son, zade.  wait, his name is zade?  I know, right?  a super cool original name that has the ability to be manly at the same time be cute and boyish.  perfect!  he was perfectly smiley + good natured...a photographers dream in meeting a three month old!  I still believe he actually posed for a couple of the shots. :)  and I simply couldn't get over his blue, blue eyes and dimple...adorable! 

definitly a fun, memorable shoot for me...thanks michael + marissa! :)

love his loooooong lashes!


M said...

thank you so much're eye for capturing beauty, compassion, and the divine in all of us amazes us and makes us so proud to be a part of a loving family! we'll cherish your gift to us and anyone, anyone, who also wants to truly take advantage of the wonderful talent Jen possesses should do so!
-Michael & Marissa & Zade

Anonymous said...

Jen...what can I say but wow, what a talented photographer you truly are. Thank you for intimately capturing our son zade in his first few months of life. Its simply serene to view him in his element at home and truly content with life, such as it is. You have not heard the last of us my dear! :)
Thank you for your lovely vision. With "colorful, beautiful love" back,
Marissa <3

elizabeth said...

Beautiful jen...seriously, beautiful.

Maren said...

gorgeous pictures :) i'm a very proud auntie and sister...gorgeous, spectacular parents and a miracle baby, what else is there? and yes, his name is everything that jen're welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

and now a few comments from the G-nut gallery: WOW! GORGEOUS! SPECTACULAR! But then, as Gia &/or G-Momma I may be just a wee bit biased. However, I only speak the truth. Thank you, Jen, for capturing these precious moments forever. Kids? I'm thinkin' family photo shoot... let's discuss among ourselves...:)

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