the kovach's :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

what beautiful, beautiful people are these?  I got to spend a very rainy afternoon with this family...and loved every minute of it!  baby stephen (the 5th!) stole my heart and I could not stop smiling at him...he just was SO happy.  his little face simply lit up when his loved ones smiled at him or got his attention...absolutely adorable!  and why wouldn't these people get his attention...such a beautiful, fun-loving family!  it amused me a lot to see the brother's and sisters "flick" each other throughout the shoot and even through the all-day rainy day that forced us indoors...there was still sunshine to be had!  such beautiful smiles on all of them!  thanks for such a fun afternoon, Kovach's! :)


elizabeth said...

What a Beautiful family! I love the close up on the mom and son...super cute...

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