kreatid's first contest!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I deeply love my daughter Maddie.  And I genuinely like her too.  :)  This weekend my son has been sick so we've had a lot of "rest" and "quiet time" and "homework time".  Maddie is learning to read and write in school right a lot of phonetic learning.  These two signs cracked me up in cleaning up after her this weekend.  She is simply adorable and I LOVE the way her mind's like you can hear the cogs in her head sometimes. :)

So, that leads me to the contest.  If you can correctly decipher BOTH Maddie signs (Luci cannot guess or tell anyone b/c I already told her what they were ;P) then I will take your headshot (or you can regift it to someone for the holidays) + include an 8x10 for's not a full shoot, but it's still fun! (if you live too far away from Gilbert, AZ I will fulfil your winnings the next time I see you!).

So get your competitive juices flowing and get guessing!

Good luck!


Kate the Great: said...

For the first one: Maddie is trying to sleep?? The 2nd one I am just stumped.

Tracy said...

I agree with the Maddie is trying to sleep.

How about "Dry somebodies face, I love you so much! for the 2nd

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