I just love them. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

it's funny...I've been staring at the beginning of this blog post for about fifteen minutes trying to describe to you who these people in the pictures are to me.

that's nearly impossible for me.

they are the people who loved me first.  they are my blood...my people.  they are the ones who were at every game/art function/piano recital/concert I've ever been involved in - even if it was 4:30 in the morning.  they are the ones who waited up for me countless nights as I lived life and helped guide me in this journey called life.  he was the one who steadied me as a walked down the aisle.  she was the one beaming with pride as I walked toward a new chapter of life.  they are the loudest ones cheering me on in each endeavor I face.

I just love them. :)

I loved getting to take these pictures of my parents...taken in a place that reminds me of them and their love of birds.  I love my dad on his motorcycle - it reminds me of getting to go to soccer games with him and then getting a hot dog at al's...my friends were envious and oh yes, I was super cool because of my dad.

and my mom.  she is simply beautiful...her eyes, they sparkle...she was made for pictures...these remind me of mental moments I have of her laughing (at probably something betsy has said at our ornament exchange) and laughing until she was crying...she makes me smile and I love her :)


Jan Stamm said...

Your skills are evidently boundless! Love the photos, but we love the photographer more!

Kate the Great: said...

I just love them too. Love the one of Mom...should go on her business cards I think!! Dad looks studly on his bike. I really like the one of the two of them laughing at each other!!

Nicole said...

That post just made me cry!! Well written Jen. Those pictures are great too. Wow!! Love the one of you looking at Hal(why do I still feel the need to say Mr. Stamm after all these years?!).

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