the award for coolest brother of the week goes to...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I got to go shoot some seriously cute kids the other day.  Josie is the sweetest little girl with some SERIOUS style (yay, mommy!)  She wasn't super into me being in her face but after about 10 minutes she rolled with it and did a.m.a.z.i.n.g!  But, definitly the award for coolest brother of the day goes to Jaiden!  Besides letting his sister crawl all over him with a smile permanently on his face...he seriously is one of the coolest little men I have ever had the chance to meet...He was super helpful with Josie and never complained once! (even though it was 100 degree's out and he had jeans and a couple layers on at times!)  This boy loves baseball and Art!  My kind of kid!  When I asked what he wanted to be he said and artist but his fallback was to be a veteranarian.  What?!  Yup, he said his "fallback"! :)  Seriously cool little man!  Thanks also to Kristen for being a rockstar and making sure her kids looked awesome!


kristin said...

jen i didnt think my kids could be any cutter. but you made it happen. jaiden is going to love reading this. thaks again i love all the pics. kristin

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