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Monday, August 17, 2009

you know you're busy when you haven't finished editting pictures from the beginning of the summer...I'm not complaining, just busy.
I came across these pictures tonight and stopped. do you ever just stop? stop and remember moments. I did. tonight. my son is eight. my baby is six. eight years of life. eight years of dreams and hopes. whose life was that that I lived so long ago? a life full of sleepless nights...of baby bottles and sweet smelling johnson's baby heads? a life full of songs of "'ll be in my heart..." and "...luh, luh, loo's..."?
my son is eight. my little girl is six. tonight I stopped and enjoyed them. sounds of football filled the air tonight. cry's of "! did you see me catch that?!..." were heard in my ears, but what I saw in my heart was that little baby boy, the boy who brings me joy - his eyes so small and only seeing me and his chubby little fists full of my hair and a smile that was only for me...that moment came back to me tonight. even though I heard the sing song voice of my baby girl singing "...luh, luh, loo..." my heart saw the soft eyelashes that only a sweet baby girl has snuggled deep into her "special" blanket with the moonlight streaming in from the nursury pink, so soft, so small. my peanut.
but I have this picture. and the pictures of eight beautiful years. moments. my moments. my moments with my boy, who brings me so much joy. my moments with my sweet night star darling.
I think that is why I love photography so much. it is a moment that is forever frozen in time. a moment that you can capture again and again and revisit again and again when you care to stop. when you care to stop and dream.
they are my joy. they are my heart.


LISA said...

I cried when I read this, Jen. Thanks for sharing your heart. ;)

jen said...

I cried when I wrote it (rare for me)...miss seeing you friend :)

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