the carnival :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

as a kid one of my all time favorite things to look forward to was the carnival.
I love it all...the lights, the kettle corn and cotton candy...
the ferris wheel that made you feel like you could see the entire town!
and the swings...oh, how I loved the swings...almost as if you could fly!
so, needless to say I was more than just a little excited to hear that the carnival was coming downtown.
from my office at liberty market I could see the giant cranes lifting up the soon to be lit rides and giant ferris wheel.
yup, I felt like I was ten again counting down the days to get to go to the carnival.

it was only fitting that this family would be my first ever carnival session.
I love, love, LOVE getting to photograph them year after year...for a lot of reasons...
gina is as classy as ever, danny still has more swagger in his pinky than most men do, hayden is more and more a stunning lady like her mom and kyle suprises me with his super duper blue eyes every session!
but mostly, mostly because of jack. :)
I've written about him in past sessions and this session didn't disappoint.
way back when when I taught preschool, jack was one of my first students...
high energy and ALL boy...a quick favorite of mine.
weekly I would hear "mrs. driesbach?  I love you." even while sitting in time out :)
then at this session, totally on accident as he was leaving he said "love you!"
but then blushed and stumbled saying "I mean I like you."
made my whole week!
I simply smiled at the no longer little boy and said "it's okay jack, I still love you too."
and off he ran off to grow up for another year. :)

love seeing his expression watching the roller coaster go around :)

[prelude]: bernal's

Friday, November 25, 2011

I should pause here and let you know I don't normally get choked up on sessions.
especially happy, christmas family sessions. :)
but for a moment on this one, I did.

you see this beautiful woman's oldest son is a marine.
he's being stationed in a war torn country next week.
and I was struck for a moment with an overwhelming admiration not for her son (which was definitely there as well!)
but I was overwhelmed with admiration for this woman.
this mom.
in my mind I easily imagined my own son all grown and my heart couldn't help but be squeezed a bit.
she made one request...the below picture.
what an absolute pleasure. :)
this family will most definitely not be far from my thoughts and prayers.

I came across this poem and thought it appropriate to share before the last [prelude] photograph...

"I held him as an infant; I hugged him as a boy and through the years he has become my greatest pride and joy.
I love him more than I can say, his life more precious than my own,
but gone are the whims and notions of the little boy that I had known.
for the years have passed so quickly since the time it all began and now he stands before me with the conviction of a man.
He wants to serve his country, he states aloud with pride as I try to sort out the emotions that I'm feeling deep inside...
a union of the uncertain fear, which I cannot control and the allegiance which lies deep within my patriotic soul.
I trust that my years of guidance will serve as a strong foundation as he performs the duties requested from his beloved nation.
God please guide him as he travels to the places our soldiers have bled
and walk with him through pathways where those heroes' feet have tread.
Sweet Land of Liberty, humbly I give to you, my son
praying you'll return him safely home when his work for you is done."

[prelude]: dudley's

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

seriously.  cool.  people.  :)

[prelude]: johnson's

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

quick wit. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

this session was a birthday present for her...just the three of them. :)
their wit and their constant laughter at/with each other reminded me of emma thompson's character -
beatrice in "much ado about nothing"...
quick wit laced with affection amongst three gorgeous ladies best describes this afternoon.
most definitely a fun, amusing session that was a pleasure to have gotten to photograph...
thank you, ladies and happy birthday! :)